Through this myriad of words and pictures, I invite you to peek into the past, my personal and professional history. Then partake of the present, what is happening and available now, and check out what the future holds, knowing there is so much more making itself known in every moment, infinite possibilities. Enjoy your stay and you'all come back soon.

Love and blessings, Maggie Cole

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My Purpose

My deepest desire is to live in the conscious awareness of my intimate communion with God. I am committed to my spiritual growth and unfoldment through spiritual practice and living these intentions......

To embody the supreme infinite Love in which
I am imbued and created.

To profoundly feel, express and experience the
deep wellspring of Joy inherent within me.

To know Peace in every breath.

To shine the Light of God, radiating it, walking unencumbered,
guided and directed by the Spirit within.

To live in continuous, uninterrupted gratitude, as each moment
I experience the kingdom of heaven being freely given.

To be a clear expression of kindness, understanding,
compassion and acceptance, holding all in perfection and wholeness, seeing as God sees.

To know God's presence and power is my life,
continually filling me to overflowing with its
wisdom, abundance, intelligence, prosperity,
wealth and wholeness.

I say YES to the creative possibility and
full potentiality of my life.


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