"Here's Looking at You, Kid", the Emmy Award Winning Film about Rob and Maggie Cole. A dynamic, moving documentary film that provides an intimate look at the physical and emotional recovery of a 11 year old boy, who was severely burned in 1975 at the age of 7. The film was made 4-5 years after the fire and, with sensitivity and humor, tells the story of this family's experience, and how they dealt with this staggering event. It provides a look into their hearts and offers the opportunity for us to look into ours.

The film was released in 1980 to rave reviews. It won first place awards and invitations to every major film festival in the country and Europe, including New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Telluride. In 1982 it appeared on the Nova series and won an Emmy Award.

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"It is a sensitive and thoughtful exploration of the effects of a serious injury on the relationship between a mother and a child...Maggie is a spirited woman, a woman of courage and humor, a woman in touch with herself and her emotions" ..Admiration comes for her, in her resiliency and ultimate growth that she has gained from her life experiences. She has an amazing capacity to share her essence, her experience and growth with others. "Audiences are captivated by her style of opening herself, sharing her film and her life"
News Herald—Susan Baldi, President, California School Health Assoc.

"No clichés here. This is a true story of how strong and beautiful people are, as told through a woman and her son" ...To see Maggie and Rob on film is moving; to meet Maggie in person is unforgettable."
Jane Muramoto, KQED Producer, John Muir Film Festival

"When the camera holds on the unblemished part of Rob's face, the bright eye and soft cheek, it values every centimeter for its rarity, as orchids are, valued above daisies. Even more moving, however, is the spirit with which Rob hasn't allowed his appearance to isolate him socially."
—Edinburgh Scotland Film Festival

"Rob's resilience, bravery and intelligence shine through his wounds....The search of Rob and his mother to define their own lives goes on and their experience is rewarding to all of us who face problems far less overwhelming."
— S F Chronicle, San Francisco Film Festival

"It's a story that touches some of our deepest feelings - our prejudice against anything different.... our amazement at the optimism of children and their parents...of the love between a mother and child strengthened by hardship....Even more than their celluloid images, Rob and Maggie themselves show an amazing irrepressibility. Their lives-and ours, for their sharing of themselves-not only go one but get better and better."

—Dennis Wheeler- Sonoma County News Herald

"This film has a powerful impact. This is not some made-for-TV melodrama about a pitiable victim. This film is about a boy who loves clowning around, making wisecracks, dancing to Beatles music, riding his bike and playing video games. It's about how he and his mother have learned to cope with the problems any singe parent and her child might have."
— Dan Taylor - Santa Rosa Press Democrat

"After Sunday morning, work of mouth on the street centered around the brilliant, unsentimental "Here's Looking at You, Kid". The film, which just won first prize at the San Francisco Film Festival"
—Sheila Benson, L A Times article re: Telluride Film Festival

"There is an exquisite closeness between Rob and Maggie which is nearly overwhelming to behold. We have invaded a private and very sensitive living world.....If Rob resent being intruded upon by cameras and interviews, Maggie thrives..She is full of articulations and feelings... both have learned love in a hard laboratory"
— New York Film Festival


Best Documentary Film

I am a Practitioner at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa... In 2000
I resigned my possition after eight years as the Creative Arts and Services Director to pursue my new life's work and am now engaged in my passion as a Practitioner, speaker, teacher, facilitator. I always wanted to be a movie star, that never quite happened. Needless to say, I never counted on being in a film about my own life and the circumstances that brought me to it. I invite you to come and be a part of this special evening.

I am presenting the film now as a testimony to the evidence of healing that is possible in this human existence when our attention is on the power and presence of the Truth. I want to share my experience of realizing that even when "stuff" happens, the presence of God is always there, and freedom from guilt and shame is our birthright.

—Maggie Cole, RScP

Rob & Maggie

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