My purpose is to bring forth ideas and proposals to produce events and programs that inspire and encourage an organization and community at large to participate. My intention is to provide programs in which excellence is the standard, joy and connection is experienced, community participation is encouraged and financial management is a solid foundation.

Duties and Responsibilities

Prior to Event

  • Provide a business plan to appropriate contacts with updates as needed
  • Indicate need for space on calendar, rooms needed, personnel needed
  • Establish parking requirements and present plan for same
  • Create a Project Team, leaders and volunteer roster
  • Establish communication with orgasnization, team, presenters, etc.
  • Coordinate all aspects of production, sound, facilities
  • Coordinate stage design and decor with presenter and facilities
  • Establish the location of all materials needed for event
  • Follow up to insure that all bases are covered prior to event


  • Communicate with staff, facility, sound, stage personnel, project team and presenters, targeted check-ins, prayer, meetings when called for
  • Set stage to meet the needs of presenter, artists, etc.
  • Liaison between committee, staff, presenter
  • Training to use volunteers effectively
  • Communicate clearly with staff & volunteers for facility needs, clean up
  • Maintain overall facility integrity.

Post Event Activities


Follow up with staff, volunteers, what worked, what needs work
Follow up with presenters, feedback, comments, etc.
Make changes when needed to upgrade service, presentation, performance

  • Acknowledge all participants with gratitude and appreciation
  • Receive any and all feedback from staff, project team and volunteers
  • Follow up financial matters
  • Celebrate the Success

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