Song: "I thank you for being so real and touching me, letting me see what a beautiful world, this world is, I thank you…" Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

Comments From Participants


Heartfelt thanks for leading us into so deep and rich a meditation experience last Saturday. I've been in and around spiritual growth groups for a long, long time and your guidance, music and poetry, woven together so seamlessly and so comprehensively,
left me with a sense of having journeyed into the very heart of my most essential and eternal Being. The blessings and insights continue.

Peace and all good,


"While always being totally prepared with a plan, Maggie is completely open to what is needed in the moment, leaving the space for tremendous awakening and transformation".

"This class enabled me to see myself differently and to formulate a vision for my future".

"Don't change a thing. This has been one of the most enlightening classes I've ever taken. I will never be the same, thank God".


"I found the class to be a perfect blend of compassion, teaching and self expression. It's a beautiful experience."

"This experience has the unmistakable feel that only comes when God is in the room and you know it".

"To accept one's self just as we are is an ongoing process. The connection of the group, the exercises that brought awareness of what is, are tools that help to bring the transformation a reality. The guidance Maggie provided was instrumental in this transformation".


Very well prepared, skilled teacher, committed, credible, Maggie modeled and demonstrated as well as talked about it.

Brought me into treatment on all levels, information, purpose, how to, why and the value of practice. It took away my fear and opened a new path for me.


Your presence and pure delivery were the ingredients in the success of this workshop.

"The core of my essence was touched early on and opened me to a day of Divine unfoldment".

From the first breath, I felt warmed and comforted by you. You set an accepting and loving tone which allowed all of us to cultivate a feeling of love and family".

"Your love of God shines through, you are perfect for this work".

"Thank you for helping me open my eyes, mind and heart to new ways of seeing and being in this life".


It was transformative.
More than imagined!
It was fantastic.
It provided exactly what I needed to hear and remember about the Truth.

Clear channel of Spirit's love, power and clarity. Maggie has an easiness that invites me to relax and be open.

Maggie's very effective, she allows Spirit to gracefully speak through her
She is awesome, a beautiful channel of God, powerfully effective.

I stand in awe and wonder at the generosity and love that comes from and through Maggie.

Knowledgeable, care, compassionate, Effective and REAL Easy to listen to and understand. Very calming and safe.

Maggie was wonderful, she held us in safety, created an intimate space, imparted knowledge and gave us experiences of Faith.




"Maggie Cole is a consummate practitioner and ambassador of Divine enthusiasm. Her presence, facilitation and speaking carries the Truth that makes us free."

Peace and blessings,
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith
Agape International Spiritual Center


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Workshop descriptions
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Self Acceptance

Are You Willing? Are You Ready?

To See Yourself as GOD sees You!

This is an exploration of your interest in living in the conscious awareness of your true relationship with God. more...

Possibilities: 6 week class/all day workshop/weekend retreat

What Does God Have In Mind!

Maggie provides a safe and loving atmosphere in which to move through this time with true feeling and enthusiasm. Come, say “Yes” to what is calling your name and nature. We are creating this experience together. Bring your intentions, desires and spontaneity and through conscious communion with God’s creation, experience fulfillment. We will see what God has in mind..

Possibilities: Three Week Class, All day workshop or Retreat

"Who Do YOU Think You Are?" Photo Album

The response to this important question shapes our identity, for it is up to each one of us to define ourselves, to seek and embody the Truth within and claim it as our own. What are you saying about yourself and others?

Possibilities: All day workshop/weekend retreat


Just Say YES!

Don't worry, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do. This is about choices, service, saying YES to God. Sometimes, service looks like Mother Theresa to us and we feel there is no way to meet that standard. more...

Possibilities: 3 hour workshop

Revelation of Wholeness

I offer this class as an opportunity for those who are ready and willing to change perception and transform the memories of the life experiences and beliefs that have imprisoned us, up until now. more...

Possibilities: 6 week class/day long/weekend workshop.

"What If I Make A Mistake" ?

How many times have you hesitated, gotten stuck, retreated, said "no" to what is calling you, to what is wanting to be revealed as your Divine purpose, because you were afraid you would make a "mistake"? more...

Possibilities: 3 hour/all day workshop/weekend intensive

I AM The Light of The World

Photo Album

This powerful, transforming experience invites you to journey back to the beginning, to consciously claim your Divinity as we retrace the human experience. Through music, prayer, meditation and sharing we have the opportunity to see ourselves as God Sees Us. more...

Possibilities: 3 hour/day long workshop

Treatment, Let's Talk About IT!

Spiritual Practice, commitment and a working knowledge of the tools of this philosophy provide a foundation, which empowers us to know the truth that sets us free and establishes the consciousness to transform our lives. This is designed for novices as well as those who are familiar with Spiritual Mind Treatment. more...

Possibilities: 3 hour workshop

Classes at Center For Spiritual Living


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