Heart of the Matter

I am inspired when I hear the Truth, from within and around me. The first time I truly heard "God and I are One, I am Divine, Freedom is my birthright, No mistakes have been made in God", my life began to change and the transformation continued.

I trust the message contained here inspires and supports you in remembering who and what you really are. Listen with your heart, open to your inner wisdom, be still and know, it is the "Heart of the Matter"

Love and blessings,
Maggie Cole, RScP


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CD Content

1. Prayer
2. A Story
3. Guided Process Meditation
4. In the Stillness Meditation Weave
5. Beloved Prayer Weave

Maggie and Karen Drucker blend music and the spoken word in a synergetic and dynamic weave. It is a powerful, Spirit-driven, inspirational tool for all who hear it. These weaves include original music performed by Karen.


It's simply breathtakingly gorgeous and deep and from the heart, Just like you. — Michael Gott

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find the right words to describe my reaction to your CD. It is MAGNIFICENT!!! It is the most relaxing thing I think I have ever heard. I've been fantasizing about how to use it. It says so much about what we all need to hear. I think it is wonderful and I hope you do more. I was particularly impressed with the personal story, I think about how that touches people. Thank you for being such an inspiration!!! — L.W.D.

“A Day by the Heater” tells your story of transformation in simple prose, such a unique addition for a CD. From the story to the “Guided Meditation” there is a seamless flow of human to the Divine. Your intention for the CD of knowing Spirit – the “what IS and that IT is present” always comes through clearly. It resonates with my core! — M.P.

Your CD has been an anchor, as I listen to “In the Stillness” and “Beloved” daily upon rising or at night or both. The gifts you and Karen share of weaving music and meditation is truly mystical – I am so blessed. Your “Prayer” expresses the Divine so clearly. — M.E.

I loved the "heart of the matter". You can definitely stand on your own 2 feet with your inspiring prayer and meditations, and I have to say that your collaboration with Karen was phenomenal. You have such chemistry together. Your words touched my heart - thanks so much. Look forward to hearing your voice many more times... — S.A.

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