Growing up, I didn't think much about God, the world or my place in it. I did feel there was "something going on" besides what was happening to me in the physical world. I lived a secret life inside my head, I wanted to be on stage, in the movies, a great dancer, even a director. I had a wonderful fantasy life.

"Dreams belong to us. They become for us he bearers of the new possibility, the enlarged horizon…giving to our day the magic of the stars". - Howard Thurman


In high school, (1958) I wanted to disappear and prayed for the ground to swallow me up and when I left for college, my Mother's idea, I knew things would be different. I was on my own for the first time and made some interesting choices. It is truly wonderful how many "bad" choices one can make and still come out alive and well in the scheme of things.

"None of us is special but each one of us is essential to the Divine Plan or we would not exist". - Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

Time passed, adventures galore and in 1968 my son was born. In those first difficult years of being a single mother, as full as life was, I often thought "there has got to be more to life than this", still looking for that "something" that was going on somewhere…I moved to California, surely if it was any place, "it" would be here.

"My imagination is Spirit's vehicle and It creates mightily through and as me". - Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

In 1975, my son Rob was severely burned in a house fire, thus my most difficult, challenging and compelling journey began and I was to find that illusive "something" I had been yearning for, God. An Emmy award winning documentary film, " Here's Looking at You Kid ", was made about our journey. more...

"You are here to wake up to the infinite possibilities of life".
Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

In 1989, Rev. Mary Murray Shelton answered "Yes" to the first question I asked at the Santa Rosa Church of Religious Science, I asked if I could learn to "let go".

As I explored the Science of Mind philosophy and became part of a growing community, I began to have joy in my life. I was uncovering it, witnessing growth and unfoldment, letting go over and over and over again to discover those beliefs that had kept me bound, and the Truth that sets me free.

"The realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man" - Ernest Holmes

In 1991, I became immersed in church, along with Gregg Tallman, I created a Dance Ministry that flourished for over 5 years. I learned I was creative and had an eye for production and events an I absolutely loved it. I became the Creative Arts and Services Director in the Santa Rosa church, producing events and taking part in a myriad of projects where creativity was and is a joyous expression of Spirit. Click for consulting Information.

"To be Spiritual is to Create" - Ernest Holmes

In my first year at Asilomar, (1992) the dancers were the warm up act for Deepok Chopra. I presented workshops at Asilomar for a number of years, and continue to do so and am now the Production Coordinator for the event, supporting the Asilomar planning committee and their work to create this wonderful experience for United Church.

It was also my first Asilomar I met Rev. Michael Beckwith and that meeting changed my life dramatically. This awesome encounter led to attending the first Revelation Conference 10 years ago, where I experienced a spiritual awakening and was inspired to become a Practitioner. My beloved Niki Haris was singing …"God is your friend" and for the first time, something in me knew the Spirit lived within. Michael said to me that day, "You will never see the world the same again". I didn't know what he meant at that time, yet it continues to reveal itself in each moment. I eventually gave myself the gift of forgiveness and felt the freedom that is possible.

"The Divine Plan is one of Freedom…Freedom is the birthright of every living soul." Ernest Holmes

In 1993, Rev. Edward arrived and we embarked on an incredible journey which has brought me to a place of accepting and honoring myself. His profound sense of beauty, creative expression, flare and pushing the envelope, gave me an opportunity to stretch and grow. His support has graced my life.

I became the Creative Arts and Services Director in the Santa Rosa Church, producing events and taking part in a myriad of projects where creativity was and is a joyous expression of Spirit.

In the 7 years I worked there, we went through a transition from a rented performing arts center, to a temporary gig at a local high school, into our permanent home, previously a skating rink/pool hall. It was quite the journey and I worked harder than any other time in my life.

One fine day in 1995, Karen Drucker literally walked into my life. With that flaming red hair flowing in the wind, she crossed the church parking lot and as she approached, I extended my hand, greeted her and knew in that moment we were destined to come together, I could see it, I could feel it. We have traveled through WOMANSPIRIT, a wonderful year when she was the Music Director for the Santa Rosa Church, our work together at Asilomar and the Gathering, and now we are partnering in creating and facilitating workshops and retreats. I knew it all the time. We really are meant to be.

Song: "Command my hands, what must they do, command my life, it's here for you…Use me Oh God" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

I became a Licensed Professional Practitioner in 1999 and when taking my vows, I felt my true calling emerge in me. It is still true; this is what I came here for. I continued to serve my church community and participated in a myriad of activities as a Practitioner.

On July 2, 2000, I gave my first talk in a Religious Science Church in Mendocino, CA. I went home and announced to Rev. Edward that I was leaving my job, as I knew what I wanted to do. Without any idea how this would manifest, I walked away as an employee and stepped into Faith.

In 2001 I began teach Science of Mind classes in my home church, I had the opportunity to speak in spiritual centers around the country; to work with the Asilomar team as Stage Manager, was on the Gathering Team, doing production work, teamed with Karen Drucker in presenting Women’s Retreats and workshops, organizing Practitioner Sundays and special services at church, facilitating Practitioner and Practitioner Student retreats, while continuing to immerse myself in my community.

In 2004 I established my website. My deep gratitude to Karen Drucker for her inspiration and support and of course to Judy Stewart, my loving friend and website creator.

While working as Stage Manager for the Asilomar Conference in 2005, Michael Gott was the designated Music Director and thus we began our amazing friendship and professional connection. I didn’t know at that time, that he had known me from years before and when we came together for the first time doing a meditation service one early morning at Asilomar, the feeling was mutual, we loved our collaboration.

The Hazel Holmes Award for Service was given to me in 2006 at Asilomar, a time I will never forget. I have been privileged over the years to truly serve and be served by this beloved community of people and centers.

Michael Gott and I began facilitating workshops and retreats together at this time in our home centers in Dallas and Santa Rosa, receiving phenomenal benefits for those participating and for our own expansion of consciousness and compassion.

As 2009 begins, we have a new President, a new opportunity to see life and ourselves as God sees us. What does God have in mind? Whatever it is, I know it is good. I am reveling in my life these days and look to this moment for fulfillment and open to what is possible.
  Song:"Magic is with me in a place
I can't see when I dream" -
Karen Drucker
Song:"No mistakes have been made in God, all the ways that we seem to fail, in God all fade, all fades into God" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

Song:"Something's calling me a little bit deeper…" - Jami Lula
Song:"When everything seems to be going wrong and God seems so far away, go back to the beginning, in the beginning, God" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith
  Song:…"Through the ashes you will be reborn so much wiser than before" - Karen Drucker  

Song:"If I can let go, the darkness will fade, if I can just let go" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

Song:"I pray to live this life in God and so much more, I finally found the Truth that set me free…"

Song:"I'm changed, God is first in my life…something's changed in me" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

Song:"God's love - redefines my existence, YES!" - Rickie Byars & Michael Beckwith

  Song:"I give myself permission to be all I can be" - Karen Drucker  
  Song: "When I look in your eyes, I see the beloved in you" - Karen Drucker  

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