I liked the guidelines, the explanation of participant and witness, the opportunity to share or not, that people raised their hand to identify they did not want to participate. Thanks for asking for feedback.

Came in ½ hour late; wasn’t sure what was going on, but asked a lady and she wanted to not do it, so I journaled. Wk 2, I’ll come earlier next week.

I responded so much to the inspiration of the service and of Maggie who led it so intuitively and openly. A winning way.

Perfect! Builds community. I heard just what I needed to hear. I love that it’s interactive. Thank you Maggie, I already feel a shift.

Good for me.

Very good idea to do the workshop format. The time is too short. There’s really only 30 minutes or so for the workshop work. Can we extend the service til 8:30?

It was wonderful!! I really enjoyed the interactive aspect of the evening.

Loved it. This is my first Wednesday here. Please repeat the homework before we leave.

It was a great opportunity to verbally express my deepest desires and know that fulfillment is assured. The workshop was a success for me. Thank you.

Good Stuff. Continue and let it all flow and evolve

Fantastic! Loved it – want more.

Thanks to Maggie I finally want to come to Wed. night. There is no one like her and her gift of bringing people not only together, but also back to their own hearts. She’s the best and she should get some Sunday morning time. Absolutely!!

This was wonderful. I connected with someone new and plan on returning for all the January workshops. Bring us more please.

I really enjoyed the new workshop and how everyone sort of learned something about others and themselves. This is my first time and I really loved it.

Please continue. I was challenged by the participation and yet feel more connected to others here in the process of sharing. Thanks Maggie

Tonight was very helpful! Participation is always a rich experience. What I got tonight was that a current attitude about a painful body is now a good one. My anger is past; I am open to a new future, TY

Maggie – I loved your Wed. night workshop! It was fun, uplifting and I met a wonderful new friend. Please continue this. I’ll be here next Wednesday as well.

It was wonderful! I come to church and find I love the service & message, but I don’t connect in. So thank you! I made a new friend.

My GOODNESS! Hey who’da known? The insights gained from digging in and then sharing actually creates focus (they’re solid, not etheric. Hmmmm. Thanks

I loved it so much. You have an easy presence. I would have liked the sharing to be longer though. Love to you.

Great questions that probed my soul. You are a beautiful guide and teacher.

Thank you, again. As usual, this was just what I needed. Keep it up.

It is amazing what Maggie was able to do with ½ hour. This was awesome! I enjoyed the workshop format. Thank you for trying something new.

What a surprise! I expected a regular Wed. service. This was fun, I met someone new, and it seems more point-specific and directed. I’d never given thought to specific qualities I have in common with Obama and other icons

(Statement was for them to identify qualities that they saw in people they admired and then recognize that in themselves, ONENESS)

First time – Really good, positive, energizing- thank you.

Enlightening Workshop

Love the workshop. I wish we could have a print out of all the questions so we could share with others. Love it!

" I loved tonight … included both the inspirational, heartfelt Maggie’s talk, as well as the added “workshop to connect w/ and share with another, and even each other as the whole group, if we felt like it. I would love to see this type of format once a month or so over time during our Wednesday services. "Wonderful. Thank You "

I enjoyed listening to Maggie immensely! For me, the 1 hour format is just not enough time for this workshop format. Please consider starting just a little earlier. Even 15 minutes would help. Thanks.

This format is really nice to have on a weekly basis. Maggie by far is a crafted, professional, wise facilitator or this workshop style. I welcome it.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You have helped me clarify what I have been reaching for. Your light is an inspiration.

I prefer the “old” way – meditating in the Sanctuary and then having a “talk” mid-week. I don’t WANY to work (a workshop). I just want to BE
(and I love Maggie)

We attended only one session, the last, and enjoyed it very much.

These workshops have been very beneficial. The questions have helped me to be empowered knowing my faith in my unlimited potential is certain. Thank you.

It’s amazing how I answer the questions in the workshop. What a revelation! I have learned so much with this workshop! Let’s do more! Thank you Maggie.

THANK YOU! I’ve gotten more in touch with my spiritual self as a result.

It helps me to think about, answer and listen to my partners responses to the questions, but I would also like more direction.


Maggie is great fun and joyous to listen to. She is well read and well versed in spiritual practice. I’d come again.

Maggie – Really enjoyed this month! Thank You!


I have really enjoyed this workshop format because I am more easily engaged with the other members. Thanks Maggie.


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